Top 10 Washing Machine Under 1000$, Best Washing Machine For The Lowest Price | Washing Machine For Quick Wash

Are you tired of washing clothes manually? Are you looking for best washing machines around the world ?  Are you concerned about the price too?  We have answers for all your questions in this article.  We have a list of suggestions containing the “Top 10 best washing machines under 1000$ and best washing machines for the lowest price possible”

Find the best and cheap washing machines that are available under 1000$ and are effective in quick washing too.

Top Washing Machine Under 1000$-

#1 Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer-

This portable washer is very easy to use and the tub is made of stainless steel upto 6 pounds.  It has 3 wash cycles and the controls are fully electronic with LED indicators.   And moreover it is available under just 1000$.  The water sense technology treats the water accordingly and gives an effective wash.  The tub is made of Stainless steel.

Features –

  • Three water levels and three wash cycles
  • Smooth rolling casters
  • Adjustable leveling leg
  • End of cycle signal


Brand Name Haier
Model Info HLP21N
Item Weight 43 pounds
Product Dimensions 36 x 23.2 x 23.2 inches
Capacity 28 liters
Form Factor top loading
Special Features Electronic Controls
Color White
Voltage 2 volts
Certification WaterSense
Material Type Stainless Steel

Haier HLP21N is very spacious top loading and quite machine that has various other features too.  And moreover it is available under just 1000$.  Haier HLP21N has multiple wash cycles and it is “Energy Star” rated.  It has the largest dryer/washer with 5.6 cu. ft. capacity.  Warranty is up to one year and 10 years on the motor.

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

#2 Kenmore 41072 Front Load Washing Machine-

Kenmore 41072 is a front loading machine with 5.2 cu. ft capacity.  This is considered to be the washing machine with large capacity.  It is most liked for its sanitizing capacity, because it kills 99.9% of bacteria.  Kenmore has more than 14 wash settings.  This is a good option for buying at affordable cost and the performance is also optimum.

Features & Specifications-

  • Easy breezy controls
  • Huge drum capacity
  • Efficient cleaning

Kenmore 41072 Front Load Washing Machine

Kenmore 41072 Front Load Washing Machine

#3 GE GFWR2700HWW-

Make your clothes look newer for longer.  Yes it is possible with GE GFWR2700HWW The ultimate cleaning with efficient technology and multiple wash cycles is a best choice for custom washing.  The users are allowed to customize their wash cycle as per their requirement.  This machine has normal, bulky and delicate cycles respectively and consumes only minimum water.  Also, the users can easily load and unload the drum without any trouble.  The FanFresh technology helps to remove the moisture and staleness in the loads left in the machine.  Also reduces noise.  One year warranty is provided from the manufacturer.

GE GFWR2700HWW comes with the built in base with 47 inches tall.  The high drum makes it easier for the user to load and unload the clothes in to the machine.  You don’t have to bend down for this task.  The machine has LCD display and timer for the feasibility and the capacity is up to 8.1 cu. Ft.  The machine automatically calculates the amount of water needed for the wash cycle.  The dryer handles the task of removing the moist from the clothes in an efficient manner.


  • 4.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity Stainless Steel Drum
  • 12 Wash Cycles / 5 Temperatures / 5 Options
  • RightHeight Built-in Pedestal
  • Dimensions (WHD): 28″ X 47″ X 34 2/5″


Brand Name GE
Origin Made in USA and Imported
Part Number GFWR2700HWW
Color White



#4 Electrolux EFLW417SIW-

This is the best product you can get for 700$.  The capacity is 4.3 cu. Ft and this front loading machine is very gentle on the fabric which doesn’t cause any damage to the clothes after many washes.  Various wash cycles at most affordability and feasibility makes this product a wiser choice.


  • 4.3 CF Front Load Washer
  • Energy Star: Tier II, 7 wash cycles, 4 temperature selections
  • 8.0 Electric Front Load Dryer, Energy Star certified
  • 7 dry cycles, 4 temperature selections
  • Island White


Brand Name Electrolux
Part Number EFLW417SIW_EFME417SIW
Color White
Fuel type Electric
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No

Electrolux EFLW417SIW

Electrolux EFLW417SIW

#5 Maytag MEDB980BG Bravos XL 7.3 Cu. Ft-

Maytag provides the efficient washing through the model Maytag MEDB980BG.  It has automatic temperature control, auto detergent dispenser, auto fabric softener dispenser, end of cycle signal, stainless steel tub etc.  One year warranty is provided on the product.  The water consumption is also very low comparatively.

Maytag MEDB980BG is 7.3 cu.ft and built with commercial grade components and has enhanced airflow monitor which will allow the user to know when there is blockages in the venting system or lint screen.  This product is available under 1000$.

Maytag provides the efficient washing through the model Maytag Bravos MEDB980BG. The water consumption is also very low comparatively.


  • Energy star rated
  • Auto water levels
  • Top loading machine
  • Extra rinse cycle


Brand Name Maytag
Part Number MEDB980BG
Capacity 7.3 Cu.ft

Maytag MEDB980BG Bravos XL 7.3 Cu. Ft

Maytag MEDB980BG Bravos XL 7.3 Cu. Ft

#6 LG WT5270CW –

LG WT5270CW is a top loading washing machine which has various features like auto temperature control, auto detergent dispenser, auto fabric softener, end of cycle signal, stainless steel tub and so on.  It costs around 597$ to 1036$.  One year warranty is provided on the product.  Some other features include

Features & Specifications-

  • Auto bleach dispenser
  • Auto water levels
  • Extra rinse cycle
  • Minimized noise


#7 Electrolux EIFLS20QSW 24″-

Electrolux EIFLS20QSW is a very compact and easy to use washing machine with 2.4 cu.ft capacity.  The washing machine load type is front loading and has 6 wash cycles with 5 temperature settings.  Fully touch control panel is provided for the user’s convenience.


  • 6 Wash Cycles
  • 3 Steam Cycles
  • 5 Temperature Settings
  • 5 Soil Levels
  • 4 Machine Options

Features & Specifications-

Brand Name Electrolux
Model Info EIFLS20QSW
Item Weight 180 pounds
Product Dimensions 28 x 25 x 35 inches
Part Number EIFLS20QSW
Color White


# Are these stackable?

Ans: Yes, they are stackable

# Does this machine produce its own hot water?

Ans: No, it doesn’t heat the water

# can the door be reversed?

Ans: No it can’t be reversed.


Electrolux EIFLS20QSW 24

#8 Midea MAE70-502PS 2.07 cu. Ft-

Midea is a portable washer that comes with 6 cycles and 6 water levels and this is available under 1000$. Midea  is one of the best top loading washing machines which is Energy Star rated with a warranty of one year.  It has auto water levels, stainless steel tub, auto temp control, auto bleach dispenser, auto fabric dispenser, extra rinse cycle, end of cycle signal, It is an easy to use product and has minimal sound while using.  The capacity is relatively high with multiple settings feature and the task of drying clothes is also easy.  It is an effective product for daily use.


  • Stainless steel wash tub
  • Multiple pre-programmed automatic wash cycles
  • Three water temperature selections
  • Machine includes rollers for easy movement
  • Six different wash cycles

Features & Specifications-

Brand Name MIDEA
Model Info MAE70-502PS
Item Weight 79.3 pounds
Product Dimensions 22.1 x 21.4 x 37 inches
Color White
Voltage 120 volts
Material Type Stainless-Steel
Included Components Portable Washer


# What are the dimensions?

Ans: 20″ length 19″ wide 36″ high with door down 48″ with door up

# Does it have wheels?

Ans: Yes, it does

Midea MAE70-502PS 2.07 cu. FtMidea MAE70-502PS 2.07 cu. Ft

Midea MAE70-502PS 2.07 cu. Ft

#9 Ariston ARWL129NA 23″-

Ariston is a front load washing machine with 16 wash cycles and multiple spin speed adjustments.  It has 1.82 cu.ft capacity with 1200 RPM speed.


  • 1.82 cu. ft. Capacity
  • 16 Wash Cycles
  • 1,200 RPM Spin Speed
  • Wool mark Platinum Care
  • LED Interface

Features & Specifications-

Brand Name Ariston
Model Info ARWL-129NA
Item Weight 158 pounds
Product Dimensions 24 x 26 x 35 inches
Color white

Ariston ARWL129NA 23

Ariston ARWL129NA 23

#10 Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer-

Haier HLP21 Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Washer is one of the best Washing Machine comes Under the $1000 having some Highlights Features & Specifications Listed below:


  • Portable washer with 1-cubic-foot stainless-steel tub for loads up to 6 pounds
  • 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles; electronic controls with LED indicators
  • Quiet operation; cycle-status lights; end-of-cycle signal; adjustable leveling leg
  • Smooth-rolling casters; easy-installation kit with quick-connect sink adapter included
  • Measures approximately 17-1/4 by 17-3/5 by 30 inches

Features & Specifications-

Brand Name Haier
Model Info HLP21N
Item Weight 43 pounds
Product Dimensions 36 x 23.2 x 23.2 inches
Capacity 28 liters
Form Factor top_loading
Special Features Electronic Controls
Color White
Certification WaterSense
Material Type Stainless Steel

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Comparison Table Of Washing Machine Price Under 1000$-

Comparison chart of the products that cost nearly 1000$ and above

Brand Name Model Name Capacity Price
Samsung WA56H9000AP 5.6 cu. Ft 1500$
Kenmore Elite 41072 5.2 cu. Ft 1650$
Whirlpool WFW97HEXL 4.3 cu. Ft $1,799
GE GFWR2700HWW 8.1 cu. Ft $1,099
Electrolux EFLW417SIWx 4.3 cu. Ft 700$
Maytag MVWB835DW q 5.3 cu. Ft 648$ – 1092$
LG WT5270CW 597$ to 1036$
Samsung WF42H5600AW 8 pound 800$

Things To Do Before Buying Any Washing Machine-

Hope, the above listed products are eligible choices for the cheap and economical washing machines that can perform effectively.  However, before buying washing machine the below points must be kept in mind. Such as

  • Loading capacity
  • Load type
  • Tub material
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Portable
  • Loading cycle average time
  • Effective dryer
  • Automatic control

Buying Guide Of Washing Machines-

The main purpose of buying guide is to warn customers about the pros and cons and factors to be considered before buying washing machine.  Because, there are certain factors that need to be checked before you go for purchasing the washing machine.  They are as follows:

Things to remember before buying washing machine:

  • Material – definitely the first thing to be considered before buying washing machine is the material of the product. The washing tub is available in plastic, porcelain, enamel and stainless steel. It is advisable to choose Stainless steel tubs because they are more durable than other alternatives.  Plastic tubs may be prone to breakage, however stainless steel can withstand with durability.
  • Wash Cycle – Wash cycle is another factor that falls into our mind.  Because, the more the options, the more the convenience.  Users may vary in their preferences and manual work.  So, it is good to have many alternatives, out of which the user can select the wash cycle that suits their requirement.
  • Control – Nowadays automatic control gains more popularity as it eases the work.  Reducing the step by one can be definitely an added advantage.
  • Time Delay – Also, time delay feature is what now everyone prefers.  It is because, we may schedule the task of washing clothes, however we may get held up with other commitments too.  With the help of time delay option, we can set the time 24hours before and after, so that the machine starts when it has been set to do so.  This literally doesn’t expect the user’s presence.
  • Type – Washing machines have various criteria such as frontloading, top loading, automatic, semi automatic, etc.  The user must be very careful in selecting the type of washing machine that is suitable for them.  Some prefer fully automatic machine and some prefer semi automatic. So, analyze well and select accordingly.
  • Dryer – One of the most important features to be scrutinized well in buying washing machine is the dryer.  The dryer must be really good in doing its task well. i.e, it should completely remove the humid or moist in clothes and wash drum.  This is to prevent the bacterial infection and stench from it.
  • Automatic Dispenser – after wash the dispensing of the detergent and wastes from the machine are an equally important task.  So check for the availability of automatic dispenser while selecting your washing machine.


Other factors that also needed to be considered are:

  • Affordability of the product is the main factor as it determines the cost and our economical condition
  • Working condition of the product will make sure whether the product will work for years
  • Technology involvement means the latest know-how that makes it easier for the user to utilize the product
  • Washing capacity should satisfy the customer by washing all kinds of clothes
  • Durability is the expected lifetime
  • Warranty from the manufacturer to claim for any damage
  • Advanced features that are available in the latest arrivals of the market. This is to ensure that we owe the latest version
  • Wash cycles that can give us opportunity to select according to our requirement

The provided lists of alternatives are not ranked based on their performance.  Because, they all fall under the same category “Best Washing Machine Under 1000$, Best Washing Machine for the Lowest Price, Best Washing Machine for Quick Wash”.  They are reviewed for their washing capacity, cheap price.

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